5 Types of Men I Admire

5 Types of Men I Admire

There are some good men in this world. And today, I’m going to give them their credit. I know we can go on and on about sorry baby-daddies, worthless bums, or abusive guys. Yes, I understand there are some no-good lying men roaming the earth and women have to be careful. You have to choose wisely who you let enter your space or your body. No doubt about that! But, don’t overlook the good men. They are out there handling their business each and every day.


Above all, don’t believe the myth that all good men are taken. The minute you tell yourself that, is the moment you are setting the tone to be single forever. God has a special person out there just for you. Be patient, be open, and make yourself available. Certainly, a man can’t find you if you’re couped up in the house all the time.

A good guy deserves to be told he’s doing an outstanding job. Let’s not just celebrate awesome men on holidays. Make them feel appreciated all the time. Pray for their strength and ask God to cover them. Don’t overlook the good things about your significant other. Encourage and motivate him. Show him you care with your words and actions. Pay close attention to what he says he likes. Don’t overthink it, just roll with it.

Who wouldn’t love an honorable man? How about a woman who doesn’t know she has one because she’s too busy comparing him to someone else? Nobody is the same. God made everyone different. Your guy may bring things to the table that others don’t. Don’t compare your man to other dudes. Learn to appreciate the person you were blessed with.

I want to discuss 5 Types of Men I Admire…

1.Good Fathers

There is nothing like a good daddy. Not just a man who pays his child support on time. I’m talking about a man who truly cares about his child’s well-being. Have you ever seen a man’s face light up when he sees his child? Oh my goodness, what a wonderful site. How about when a Dad steps up to his child’s defense and does what he can to protect his child? Fathers whose daughters have them wrapped around their fingers light up my heart. I love good fathers and they will always have my respect.

2.Working Men

Men are supposed to be working unless they are sick, disabled or mentally ill. On the other hand, there are also stay-at-home Dads out there putting in work. Shout out to them. Staying at home cooking, taking care of the kids, and cleaning is work too. But, lying around doing nothing and depending on someone else to pay all the bills just won’t cut it. Let’s give praise to the men who get up and make it happen every day. Job well done! Guys who get out of bed and work stressful positions to make sure their family has a roof over their head and food on the table, you are amazing. Hardworking men, you are loved and I am grateful for you.

3.Business Owners

Running a business is not an easy thing to do. There are so many variables involved and you have to know how to strategize in order to make a profit. Even though being a business owner is hard, there are quite a few men who are putting the pieces to the crazy puzzle together and building successful businesses. Kudos to you! I’m very fond of entrepreneurship. There are women killing the business game just as well as men. But today we are honoring our guys. For the men who never gave up on their dreams and made a profit from it, I acknowledge you.

4.Courageous Leaders

I wish every man knew he was a leader. I also wish every woman recognized there is a strong leader in every man. The issue is, every man can not lead or does not lead properly. A good leader is selfless, makes decisions for the good of the people he’s leading, patient, strong, caring, many times tough, and a good problem solver. You have to grow into being a good leader, they aren’t born overnight. I’ve witnessed good leaders in households, churches, the workplace, and government offices. I admire a man who can lead, who is his own person, and not always worried about someone else’s opinion.

5.God-Fearing Men

Everyone has to answer to someone. And a man who thinks he’s above God is quite dangerous. Our beliefs keep us in check. No one is above God and it’s hard to move through this earth without him. God gives us peace, understanding, strength, and unconditional love. The Lord is in us and our spirit has to be fed with the word of God to survive. We have to have a relationship with God. A man who puts God first, who prays, and knows the word is a good man in my book. King, I see you. God’s light is shining on you and through you. Keep being a blessing to those around you.

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