7 Ways To Be A Supportive Friend

7 Ways To Be A Supportive Friend

Good Friends come a dime a dozen. When you reach a certain age there comes a moment when you have to reevaluate your circle and make sure you have the right people in your life. Unfortunately, everybody can’t go with you on this journey called life. As you become older, wiser, start walking in your purpose, become educated, start increasing your income, glowing, living your best life, folks will start dropping like flies.

Some envious friends will walk away without notice. However, you may have to kick some chicks to the curb. Don’t catch feelings about it. Wish sister-girl the best and keep evolving. Don’t be so down about losing friends. There are plenty of women in this world dying to start new friendships. Be open and socialize. And while you’re saying good-bye to people who no longer match your present or future, make sure you continue to be a good person. Good friendships involve a lot of give and take. It’s not all about you all the time. Make sure you know how to be a supportive friend.

Self-love is important and taking care of yourself is a must.

Your well-being should be at the top of the list. But, don’t forget to serve and pour into other people. We all get to a place in life where we need help and those friends who are there no matter what deserve to have the love reciprocated. On your journey of becoming successful, don’t forget about the people who had your back since day one. Taking good people for granted is not a good look. Watch your actions and don’t be selfish. 

Good friends still exist.

Don’t get too comfortable in an introvert state because you allowed the wrong people in your life and got burned. All women aren’t tainted, phony, judgemental, jealous and self-centered. There are still kind, encouraging women who will give their last nickel to help someone out. Above all, we are all broken in some way. Women have to support women through the ups and downs.


Are you a good friend?

Can your girlfriend call you when she’s in a bind? Do you apologize when you’re wrong? Do you forgive your good sis when she makes a mistake? You may be that girl, but you may not. If you’re not, it’s time to get some “act right” in your system.

Even more, don’t be one of those chicks who feels she doesn’t need female friends because her man is her best friend. Sis, men will let you down, even spouses. And they don’t conversate the same way women do. Woman are emotional and very detailed. Guys like to get straight to the point. You need a good girlfriend you can share every detail with whether the news is bad or good.

Moving right along, you don’t want to scare folks away because you’re toxic and can’t be trusted. Some times the issue is with them, but maybe, just maybe it’s you. There may have been a time you’re were a good friend but fell off along the way. Well, time to do a self-check. Let’s discuss 7 ways to be a supportive friend.

1. Listen Without Judgement 

Ok, so we all have a friend or close family member going through some thangs. I mean it’s just life. Everybody goes through a rough season at some point. And when you’re going through a season of delay, uncertainty, or setbacks, sometimes, you just need somebody to talk to. You don’t need opinions, advice, or judgment; just somebody to call and vent your frustrations. A good listening ear solves so many problems. Many times your good sis may have the answer to the difficult situation, she just needs to talk it out with someone who is understanding. Be a good friend and listen. Don’t judge.

2. Buy Gifts

You know, I wasn’t gonna list this point, but I think it needs to be discussed. Good friends buy gifts for their friends on holidays. A real friend will take her BFF out on a coffee date. If you ask a friend, who doesn’t have a lot of money to go shopping with you, offer to buy a blouse, headband, or something. Nothing wrong with spending a few bucks on a good friend. How about a “just because” gift? You know, “just because” I love you, here’s something special to make you smile! Men aren’t the only ones we should be held accountable for these type of gestures. Be a good friend and come out of the pocket every once and awhile.

3. Show Up

I’m going to get straight to the point. If you’re invited to your friend’s event, make yourself available and show up. If you can’t make it, call or text and explain why. And please have a good reason. If you are able to attend the event, support your BFF and call prior and see if she needs anything. Heck, show up 20 minutes early and just help out. You have to be there for people you love. No excuses!

4. Be Honest, But Kind

Keep it real but don’t be mean. Calm the attitude and be compassionate. Be yourself but don’t make anyone feel bad. Insults lead to unnecessary arguments. We all like to joke around and throw a few bishes and hoes around (well some of us). But, don’t go too far and lose a good friend. Learn how to stop the argument before it escalates. Many times the disagreement is not even worth out all that yelling. Let it go, walk away or just change the subject.

5. Help In The Time of Need

If your friend is in a bind, help her (if you have the means to do so). Don’t leave your girl out there bogus while you’re doing well financially. Everybody needs help from time to time. Be a good friend and help as much as you can. Loan her that $20 when she needs it. Better yet, just give it to her. God sees what you’re doing and will return the favor. Don’t be over there ignoring texts and calls knowing your friend is struggling. Your day may come and you may be in the same predicament. We can’t do it all by ourselves. There are times we need help. Help your friend in the time of need.


6. Be Loyal

Can you keep a secret? Do you have your friend’s back? Do you follow the girl code when it comes to your friend’s exes? Loyal friends are there through thick and thin. They are understanding. Good friends don’t talk bad about you behind your back. Instead, they defend you when someone is dragging your name through the mud. Friendships last because of trust and loyalty.

7. Pray For Your Friend

The best way to be supportive in a friendship is to pray for your friends. Ask God to cover them, give them strength, and bless them abundantly. Talk to God and ask him to show you how to support the women in your circle. Ask for healing in Jesus name! Although many times women may not come forward and admit it, everyone is going through something. All of us have some type of insecurity we can’t quite escape. There are times when a lot of us don’t feel good enough. Work can be stressful, and the kids can work a nerve. Pray for your friends.

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