A Good Woman Deserves A Good Man

A Good Woman Deserves A Good Man

If you are a good woman, you deserve nothing less than a man who treats you right. It’s never ok to settle. Let me repeat that…..it’s NEVER ok to settle. Don’t ever believe a man’s words without actions. Talk is cheap! Results and execution will take your life to the next level. Nonetheless, if that good man hasn’t presented himself to you, wait patiently for God to bring him into your life. God knows exactly what you want and need. Have faith and sit still.

So now the question is, are you a good woman?

It’s time to evaluate yourself to see what you bring to the table. Are you setting your expectations too high? Are you asking for qualifications out of a man that you don’t even meet? Most women want a man who is working, will treat her right, love her, respect her, and wine & dine her. Who wouldn’t want a man who is clean, smart, God-Fearing, well-dressed, and focused? And what type of woman would this man like? Some women think good va-jayjay and a big butt will keep a man. Nope, it takes more than that. Some men like a woman that’s more petite. On the other hand, a clean man does not like a dirty, unkempt woman. Also, take into consideration an ambitious go-getter, hustler won’t get too far with a lazy chick.

But what about you? Let’s talk about all your unique qualities. You look good, smell good, and take care of yourself. You’re a hard worker and always looking to increase your income. You like nice things, expensive food, and a clean home. Your prayer life is on point and your faith is in order. You’ve upgraded your life year after year. Look at you girl! Go head sis! All these great things are happening but you don’t have a man. Seems like all your friends are in relationships, getting married, and starting families but you, still single and dating. Oh, and dating sucks right? Well, I’m here to tell you, keep doing you. Mr. Right is coming.

Put yourself in a position to be found.

Go out to social gatherings when you’re invited and socialize. Sitting in the corner looking awkward won’t get you too far. If you see “your type” don’t be afraid to approach him and spark up a conversation. Flirt but don’t be a slut. Be creative and hint that you’re interested but allow him to pursue you. Look, no one said this whole tactic would be easy, but the more you try the better things will turn out. Besides, what other options do you have? Wait for him to walk up to you, watch him walk away, or hope that nice blouse you picked out will grab his attention? Girl, take the risk and go introduce yourself.

A good man doesn’t have to act just like you or be the same race (for that matter). God may lead a man to you whose strengths complement your weaknesses and vice versa. In a good relationship, each person is helping one another grow and become better. Things that grow will always flourish. Each person should be gaining something.

Also remember love requires a level of sacrifice.

Sacrifice does not mean to settle and be miserable. Oh no honey, you didn’t come this far to let a man bring you down to the gutter. It means, if it makes him happy, you’ll be the bigger person and put your needs last. He is expected to do the same. It goes both ways. Nobody wants to be in a relationship with someone who just takes, takes, takes and never gives. Now you are being used and taken advantage of. Sorry sis, that good “D” is not worth the trouble. And once you start allowing a man (yes, you are allowing him) to treat you any kind of way, it will be a never-ending, unhealthy cycle.

Set boundaries upfront.

You know what you want and you show know what you deserve. Trust your intuition. If something doesn’t feel right, then it’s not. Look for the signs before you become intimate. Once you start having sex, you may start catching feelings. We all know, good sex will have you overlooking bad qualities in a man. Don’t get caught up with a man who can screw you good, but has no money and disrespectful. Those type of men are dangerous.

Moving right along, how are you? Are you practicing self-care or self-love? Do you have yourself together and handling your business. Don’t jump in a relationship if you’re not whole and complete. You will attract the wrong energy if you’re mentally or emotionally unstable. There are men who only look for insecure, self-conscious women just so they can dog them out. Don’t be desperate. Sex toys still exist, celibacy is achievable, and there’s nothing wrong with just loving yourself for a while. You may not be ready for male companionship. Change your focus to something else like a better career, school, or getting in shape.

Clean some of that bitterness out of your system from the last relationship so you don’t ruin a good thing when it comes your way. I know you’re ready for love, but the problem is you’re still wounded from the last relationship. A wounded woman is toxic. You may not recognize it but others do. Those wounds are showing up in your appearance and attitude. Heal first, then be open to a new relationship. You deserve a good love life, but you have to be healthy first. Your needs and well-being come before anything else.

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