About Me

Hi, I am Sensational Smith! I’m 35, married over 9 years, work full-time, and I have 4 children ranging from 5 to 20 (yes, I’m 35 with a 20-year-old.) My journey through life has been very unique. However, every setback has been a learning experience for me. I survived a lot of pain and struggles. But, I’m still standing. I am grateful and feel so blessed. God’s unconditional love saved my life.

My goal is to encourage as many women as I can in a positive way. Blogging has been my “thing” for quite some time. A few years ago I originally started a blog about marriage but felt very limited. I eventually decided to make some changes and switch to sensationalsmith.com where I could encourage not only wives but all women through life and it’s many obstacles; regardless of their relationship status.

As a mother and wife, I’m constantly serving and helping someone else. Blogging allows me to be creative and express myself with no boundaries. I love having a place where I can be free, be me, and help others.

So, welcome to my blog! Leave a comment and share your favorite post on social media to help someone else. Don’t be a stranger! See ya soon!