Beautiful Queen, I See You

Beautiful Queen, I See You

Hey gorgeous lady! Yea you, reading this post! Do you know how beautiful you are? Have you looked in the mirror lately and recognized your beauty? From the inside out you are glowing. You have unique features and a pretty skin tone. Boy, are you are something special.

Queen, do you know who you are? You are a strong, confident, self-sufficient, extraordinary work of art. God knew exactly what he was doing when he created you. You are like no one else. Embrace your flaws, they make you who you are. Sis, you stand out from the rest of the world. The right man is out there for you, but for now, don’t worry about him. Learn how to love yourself. Continue to challenge yourself and keep evolving. You’re way more powerful than you think.


When things aren’t going as planned, it’s ok to cry. Life is hard and can hurt your feelings at times. But, keep going. Here’s a napkin, pat the tears off your face. Don’t let that problem mess up your make-up. You are better than that. Pray and have faith. There’s an answer to every problem. Get off your butt and find a solution.

Queen, I see you, even if he didn’t.

That man who walked out of your life didn’t know your worth and took you for granted. He is not allowed to steal your joy. Get out of that funk and snap out of it! Your happiness is not up for debate. A good man has to make you smile more than he makes you frown. You were too good for him and he didn’t know how to handle a woman like you. But no worries, God has someone out there specifically for you. But you have to go through God to get to him.

Did you know that God loves you?

The way that God loves cannot be compared to another human being. His love is unmatched, unconditional, fulfilling, compassionate, and selfless. He created you for a specific reason. Yes, good-looking, you are not here by accident. No matter what your past has shown you, your life has meaning. That trauma, pain, or unfortunate circumstance that tried to break you did not. Yes, queen, you survived and learned what not to do and how to be better. You are remarkable.

Sweetheart, it’s time to upgrade, grow, and outdo the lady you were last year. Write down your goals, pray over them, pursue them, and take action. Don’t just leave the words on the paper or the vision on the board. God won’t move unless you do. The Lord told us faith without works is dead. Jesus will give you the vision and it put in your heart, but you have to move your feet.

But wait, while you’re on the road to success, don’t forget about your sister, take her with you. Share your secrets about wealth, peace, and the glory of God with the woman standing beside you. Women have to support women. And let me remind you, there is someone watching from afar. You owe it to the generation coming up under you to succeed. Whether you want to believe it or not, you are somebody’s role model. That younger, insecure, scared, shy young lady watching you get it done needs you to be successful. She needs to know she can do it too and she’ll know by watching you.

Be you. Everybody won’t understand, folks will attack your character, and many women will be jealous.

There are people in this world who don’t want you doing bad, but they sure don’t want you doing better than them. And instead of walking in their purpose, and exercising their God-given talents, they’d rather make excuses and throw a pity party for themselves, all while tearing the next woman down. On your journey of being the best woman you can possibly be, you have to have some tough skin. The snakes are out there. People will doubt you and that’s ok. Don’t let their words break you. Most people have a hard time supporting what they don’t understand.

Queen, they can’t put you in a box.

Those naysayers didn’t create you. You were made in God’s image not there’s. How dare someone tell you, it’s not possible. People have been doing the impossible since the beginning of time. It’s your time to shine. No more excuses. You got this. Don’t ever allow anyone to tell you what you can’t do. Focus on the prize and follow your dreams. Keep it classy and ratchet all at the same time. Act accordingley but don’t lose yourself. Hold your head up high, remember who you are, and protect your peace at all times.

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