Love Your Husband Anyway

Love Your Husband Anyway

Husbands can be so mysterious at times. One minute you think you have them all figured out and the next minute things change. Then you’re left doubting the whole marriage wondering what did you get yourself into. Is this really what it’s like to have a husband? Where’s my understanding best friend, my date night buddy, or my selfless lover? What happened to him? Better yet, what happened to us?


Now it’s all giggles and smirks when you’re standing at the altar saying your vows with your beautiful white dress on, hair did, and make-up slayed! You say you will love this man for the rest of your life and you believe he’s going to love you too! Through sickness or health? No problem. Through better or for worse? Oh, we got this. Yep, sounded so promising. But nobody, I mean nobody explained to me how hard this whole marriage thing would be.

Not a soul told me my marriage would be under attack from the very start!

God created marriage which means the devil will do whatever it takes to break your union up. Satan will use whoever he can to break up your happy home….like attractive men who start flirting out of nowhere trying to get your number. I thought a wedding band actually meant a person was off-limits. Nope, not to everyone I guess. Marriage requires self-discipline because the temptation to cheat is real, not only with husbands but wives too.

The bad times are unavoidable.

Sticking it out with your spouse when things go left drains you mentally, emotionally, and many times financially. Luckily, the storm doesn’t always last and bad times are only temporary. When the storm is over and the sun shines again, you can take a deep breath and appreciate everything you learned from that trying situation.

When problems hit my household, my husband and I come together as a team and try to get things figured out as quickly as possible. But during the “figuring crap out period” we get a little worried. Then I tell him it’s going to be ok; while he’s making calls and moving his feet to find a solution. I also pray for guidance.

When life gets hard, there are times my husband and I play “the blame game.” Nonetheless, working against each other doesn’t solve problems. We have to love and respect one another if we want to get anything accomplished.

In marriage, husband and wife have to forgive and let things go.

When I’m mad at my spouse it feels like a heavy boulder is sitting on my chest. So forgiveness becomes a requirement; not only so my marriage can survive but so I can heal too. There are also times you may have to forgive without an apology. Afterward, it’s back to the routine of taking this “marriage thing” one day at a time.

I made the decision to love my husband anyway. As women sometimes we feel neglected by our husbands but really they just need some space to think situations through. Men fight their own battles that they are not always vocal about. Sometimes we have to give our husbands space, pray from afar and keep it moving. We then have to show compassion, be considerate and love our men unconditionally.

My husband is a man that needs time to himself every once and awhile. I used to be an emotional, needy wife. I craved my husband’s attention. And as I think about it, I really needed him to make complete. Well, that was the wrong way to feel. God completes me and loves me no matter what. Flaws and all. Once I put all my faith in God, I was able to be a better wife to my husband. When my spouse went through his personal issues, I didn’t get offended or make it “about me.” I supported him. Sometimes that meant leaving him alone and asking God to step in.

We’ve been through so much and still standing. I decided, no matter what we go through, I would love him anyway.

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