Trust Your Intuition

Trust Your Intuition

Have you ever had a gut feeling that something just wasn’t right? Better yet, have you ever had someone in your presence and there’s something about them that makes you feel uncomfortable? Lately, I’d say the last year or so, I feel myself picking up on people’s negative energy. And I must say it’s not a good feeling. More so, as soon as I have a bad feeling about you, I keep my distance. I want no parts of your nasty attitude and vindictive behavior. Besides, the last thing I need is for you to take out your unresolved anger or frustrations on me. That could be a serious problem. It’s best we stay away from each other.


Long ago, there was a time I would ignore a person’s malice behavior and forgive quickly. In my mind, everyone had good intentions and if someone came across mean or angry they were probably just having a bad day. I was so nieve. Now I still believe good people exist and still believe in forgiveness. But baby, there are some bitter, evil folks walking the earth. They aren’t trying to change, all they do is complain, and any chance they get, they play the victim. Being nice to these types of people doesn’t change their mood. They’re just hateful and if you’re not miserable just like them, they do what they can to make your life chaotic. So guess what, it’s best to pray for them and keep it moving.

God will let you know when someone isn’t right. Don’t fall for the okie-doke ignoring red flags that are right in front of your face. The liars always come with a smile in an effort to persuade you that you have nothing to worry about. But, your intuition will tell you when someone is full of crap.

We have signs that show up in our friendships and relationships yet we just keep entertaining these toxic people. God told you to leave that man a long time ago, but here you are waiting for him to change. He’s all talk and no action bringing you down and hindering your growth. You’ve outgrown those ladies that you kick-it with from time-to-time. You have nothing in common with those women and they continue to show signs of envy every time you achieve a new goal. But, yet and still, every time they call, you answer and downplay yourself so you can continue to fit in.

Girl, you better listen to God when’s he’s talking to you. You praying every day and God is giving you all the signs to find peace and healing. He wants what’s best for you. If God is telling you it’s time to leave all those people behind, well it’s time to cut them off. You have to trust that God’s plan is far better than yours. Be ok with saying good-bye. As a matter of fact, get used to it. If a person is not reciprocating the good energy you’re pouring into them, then they have to go. Life is hard enough. We don’t need anyone adding to the daily battles we have to fight to survive.

You shouldn’t have to keep learning the hard way. Stop repeating the same steps that keep leading you to destruction. The choice is yours! Either you want to be better, stay in the same spot, or fall behind. Make good decisions, and trust your intuition.

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