Use What’s In Your Hand

Use What’s In Your Hand

There are so many women in this world who want to be successful. They have goals, dreams, aspirations, and they want to be better than they were yesterday. Truth be told, the struggle-bus is not what’s happening! Section 8, Medicaid, and food stamps just won’t cut it! Being financially stable and living a healthy life is everything a woman could ask for. After that, a good man wouldn’t hurt. It’s also a great feeling to be walking in your purpose. No one wants to settle for a mediocre job, living paycheck-to-paycheck. To wake-up and do what you love on a daily basis would be so fulfilling.


Many ladies know what they want out of life and their desired career path. The problem is they’re scared to make the next move or they feel like they don’t have what they need to make things happen. So, they settle and become more miserable by the day. Well, let me break the news to you sis, you are enough! Everything you have is inside of you. It’s time to put your brain, hands, and feet to work. God has already equipped you with the tools to succeed. Get started today. Start planning your next move and get ready to take some risks.

We all have individual talents and gifts that make us unique. That’s why it’s silly to compare yourself to another woman. It’s even crazier to follow the behavior of another person, mimick them, and not be your own woman. Most people want to do what’s popular and not what makes them happy. Be a leader, be creative, and do what’s best for you.

Don’t worry about what happened in your past or current circumstances.

Your present is really your past. The past is just a stepping stone to get you where God wants you to be. You don’t have to follow the same path your mother or Aunts did or subject yourself to a generational curse that’s been holding the women in your family back for decades. There’s a different way to go about things so you can maintain your sanity. Oh, and get ready for the judgment, it’s coming. People who haven’t been where you’re going will always have something negative to say. They’ll try their best to discourage you. Sometimes they just don’t know any better, but most of the time their hating and jealous. Do not let their insecurities stop you.

Usually, when God gives us an idea, there’s a vision that follows.

I’ll be the first to say that visions can be scary. It’s like….you see how successful you can be and that moment feels so close, but the path to get there is so rocky. Then you start to doubt yourself. You begin to wonder… will I find the time to complete those tasks, where will the money come from, and will people be supportive? No worries sis, if God provided you with the idea, he will also provide you with everything that’s needed. But, you have to work hard and have faith. God is in control and has your back!

No, you don’t have everything you want to get started. But, I guarantee you have everything you need. Use what you already have. And once you start doing the work, doing research, networking, asking questions, and praying, that idea will evolve. Be ready to make some sacrifices. Old ways won’t open new doors. You can’t have your old life and new life too. It’s time to make room for those new blessings you’ve been praying about. You got this! Get started, don’t give up, and keep going!

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