You Are Who You Say You Are

You Are Who You Say You Are

Sadly, there are so many angry, uninspired, miserable people in the world ready to tear someone else down due to their insecurities. Let’s be honest, there are folks who get up every day and go to a job they hate. These same individuals are afraid to take risks and live their dreams. They then take all their frustrations out on the people around them. No one wants this type of person in their presence. We all want positive vibes only in our space.

Despite who we come in contact with, we can’t let other people stop us from getting ahead. Set goals for yourself and do what it takes to accomplish them. Don’t let vibe-killers stop you from leveling up. We also have to trust God and the path he has for us so we can check those goals off the list. The journey will be hard and frustrating. But baby when you’re successful, it will be fulfilling. Be ready to cheer yourself on in the process. Don’t wait for someone else to nudge you to keep going. There will be days you will have to force yourself to take the risks and do the work. Everyone won’t be in your corner. And the people you least expect will turn their back on you.

With that being said, you are who you say you are. Many times we don’t know who we really are until we start quieting down the voices around us. Then we begin to hear a word from God about our purpose and his vision for our life. Here’s the thing, a lot of women are doing things, just because their friends or family think it’s cool. Many people are living their life just to impress others. You wouldn’t believe how many beautiful women have low self-esteem because of what some guy told them. Change the narrative and speak power over your life. Tell yourself you are beautiful, smart, worthy, and able to accomplish anything you set your mind to. It starts with you. And once you know who you are, now one can tell you any different.

I know who am. I am confident, classy, beautiful, smart, hardworking, creative, a good mother, kind, patient, and God-fearing. I’m a bit of an introvert at times and I love learning new things. I’m ambitious, forgiving, and I try to see the good in every human being. I didn’t know a lot of these things about myself until I starting quieting down all the criticism and negativity that came from hateful people. God became first in my life and I started to see everything I was made of. After that, I stop caring what others thought about me.

We can go on and on about the things we don’t like about ourselves. In contrast, take some time and highlight all the positives. Then, my friend, you will gain confidence. Confidence will get you to the next level. There is so much power in the tongue. You’d be amazed how much you can accomplish outside of the circle of friends that are probably holding you back. Your future is important. Stand tall and believe you can do it. Speak it, believe it, then take action.

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